Jeremy and Mike are two very opinionated guys. We are  into coffee, food, wine, and some other shiz… but we’ll be the last to tell you that we know all about it. Life is short and we have discovered that we LOVE to eat, drink and taste all that’s out there.  We decided to chronicle our eating adventures so that you all can live vicariously through us and share our passion.  While we have similar interests, we do possess many differences in opinions, and as such, expect a unique dynamic on our blog!

The palate (referring to the sensory tasting and detection) is a word often mispelled.  Here at Palettetraining, we have ‘misused’ the word on purpose.  Palate and Palette sound extremely similar, yet represent two unique things.  We believe that our ‘palates’ are very much akin to art ‘palettes’ – passionate springboards for an infinite amount of discovery of the tastes, smells, textures and experiences the world has to offer us.

This blog is more than a food blog, more than a coffee blog. We attempt to explore everything that we possibly can.


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