Coffee Translation: Cappuccino

I’ll write less this time and spare you the long-windedness. Cappuccino is pretty self-explanatory. Hope you enjoy this vid. Also because I’m in love with blog stats, please link this video if you love it.

– Mike

vid link


8 thoughts on “Coffee Translation: Cappuccino

  1. This is incredible! I think we could have used one or two more angles. How many proper cappuccinos were harmed in the making of this video?

    Is that actually what an OZ capp is? a capp with cocoa powder? Is there significance to adding the powder after the pour? At least add it before so you can get that sweet sweet definition?

  2. Normally we put choc in before the milk to still make pimp latte art. However for the sake of video artistry we decided to do post-infused chocolate and really updosed the choc.

  3. I noticed the way you dusted the chocolate left a higher density in the middle, potentially leading to an unequal distribution of choco. next time try dusting around the perimeter as to avoid channeling.

  4. I just typed “If Mike put as much effort into girls as he did coffee” into google and this video came up…

    Google actually answered the question though… It’s response was ‘girls may suffocate from attention and Mike’s relationship status will not differ’

  5. That barista is a maestro of the cocoa shaker. Plays the instrument like it’s a finely tuned Stradivari.

    More slo-mo.

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