Nordic Barista Cup

Nordic Barista Cup is a pretty amazing concept. What takes this concept to the next level of legendary is how beautifully executed it is.

What is the Nordic Barista Cup? Not too sure. But to me, it is what happens when a group of people passionate about coffee come together to geek out. There’s some competition stuff, some good exchange of coffee knowledge and definitely some partying but at the end of it all, there is progression in the knowledge and experimentation of coffee. This is a quick, dirty summary but I find a rarity in the industry.

This years NBC produced some mad lectures and due to the beauty of technology I was able to catch George Howell‘s lecture.

Highlight of George’s lecture (download), in my words:

– The Rise of the brewed coffee

There are inherent layers and complexities in coffee that are truly represented in brewed coffee done right. Espresso is great but drip coffee is the center stage for terroir. Overall the experience of drip coffee is 20-30 mins long which creates an overall more impacting experience.

Cold brew coffee is not something to be embraced. In fact Howell seems disappointed that people in the specialty coffee industry are pushing this method of brewing. In short, the cold water process does not develop the terroir of the coffee being used to make the drink, the essential reason why top dollar is shelled for these amazing coffees.

– Cupping process

Cupping is good. Flights of coffee is better. I agree. The flight of coffee that was served to us when we went to Market Lane in Melbourne was great. It is something that is useful in developing palate of staff and customers and is just an amazing concept in the cafe setting

– Silverskin optimisation

Amazing new concepts that I have yet to have the privilege of exploring is the amount of silverskin left on the coffee after all the processing. I’m excited to see where this takes us in terms of processing, and service of coffee

There are a bunch more topics that are discussed and for those of you who are curious to know more about coffee processing and the issues that farmers face please give this a listen.

Mad respects to NBC, George Howell and the coffee community geeking out in the right way.

*less text and more pictures next time


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