Comments on Brisbane Coffee

Apparently my last post caused a little bit of a ruckus…

About me:

I believe that the world of coffee progresses in a linear fashion. That means that at any point in time, the quality of coffee will eventually be superseded through determination, innovation and pure passion. The coffee scene has changed drastically in the past decade with improvements at all levels of production. At origin, innovations in cultivation and processing have drastically improved quality in the cup. At the service side of things, espresso machines have gone digital and technologically JIMP-worthy and I honestly believe that things are going to get even more crazy.

So with all things considered, the best is yet to come. Failure to adopt this philosophy will leave coffee geeks and people in the industry outdated and obsolete. The need to evaluate and improve are of utmost importance.


One thought on “Comments on Brisbane Coffee

  1. Don’t worry about it mike, I heard plenty of disparaging comments about what i do coffee wise over the years and for a little while it used to get to me, but then later on I found that there was something in the criticisms and changed what I did without much fuss. I learnt something from those little experiences over the years and I hope the people who are currently in this situation that you’ve put them in also grow from it in a similar way.

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