Drink Up, It’s Christmas

With Christmas around the corner, people start to settle into their favorite holiday drinks.  Sure, there’s the usual favorites – wine, coffee, and hot chocolate.  But something about Santa coming flips a crazy switch in people’s minds, and some crazy beverages are consumed, like Eggnog.  I mean, who saw a glass of milk, a few raw eggs, some sugar and thought “wow, that’d be GREAT blended together, poured into a tall glass and excessively consumed during the holidays!”?  Then some innovator probably came by and said, “you know what would make this better?  A hint of nutmeg…and some booze.”  I mean, the last thing I want when I drink is raw eggs and milk.

Another unique holiday concoction I’ve recently read about was for a Danish  drink called Glogg.  Essentially, it’s a mulled wine that’s steeped with spices and served warm.  One of the best coffee roasters in the world, The Coffee Collective, have their own danish version that uses citrus, cardamom, anise, vanilla, and other sugars, spices and roots.  I want to try making this!

Just the other day, our friend Elliot from J Webb Market Wines gave a few of us a very drinkable early Christmas gift – a bottle of Anchor Steam Beer’s Christmas Ale.  Located in San Francisco, this microbrewery has been making a unique Christmas Ale since 1975  that is different every single year.

Not only is the beer new each season, but the label (and tree on it) changes each year too.  Unfortunately, the ingredients list is TOP SECRET, and I couldn’t find any tasting notes documented on the website.  Drinking it slightly chilled, I got big flavors of potpourri, warm spices, and cherry-ish fruit, with big sweetness, medium-light body and some slight, balancing bitters.  This would be an awesome beer to drink early evening while preparing your holiday feast, or during a cold afternoon!

The beer had a very cola-like color to it too.  Another great holiday beer would be the seasonal Cherry Porter at Wildrose Brewery near the CFM.  Hey, the holiday season is a time to eat, drink and be merry, right?

What’s everyone else’s favorite holiday drinks?  Any cool things you’ve tried?


2 thoughts on “Drink Up, It’s Christmas

  1. Big Rock – Winter Spice Ale. Best accompanied with ginger snaps! And although I have never tried them myself.. I hear that Garrison Brewing makes a good Moka Ale and La Face Cachée de la Pomme Neige makes a killer Apple Ice Cider 🙂 Thx for the post, happy blogging!

  2. Mine is EGGNOG. Yes, spiced with nutmeg and spiked with rum. I don’t know. I don’t think about the raw eggs. It’s like drinking custard.

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