In the coffee world, the words “organic”, “fair trade”, “rain forest alliance” really hold no bearing to the quality of the bean. Therefore although these things may sound nice to the customer, it really doesn’t taste any different. It’d be really awesome if I could drink a cup and say “Mmmmmmmm I can really taste the shade in this shade-grown coffee” but I really can’t.












However, it seems to me that there’s a different attitude in regards to ORGANIC food. “Mmmmmmm this organic carrot TASTES less chemically” Doesn’t seem like a statement that is too far off ay?


I think that for the most part produce really do es taste better as organics because their essence is preserved. What I mean is that the carrot  is more carrotty than a GMO mega-carrot, or a DDT-infused bite-free carrot. Maybe its because we convince ourselves before eating that “surely organic tastes better”. Studies have shown that there really isn’t a discernible taste difference.


– the food is eaten when

it should be eaten (it’s more perishable and not preserved)

– the pesticides really do affect the palate

– the produce is smaller in size and therefore more concentrated in taste

I dunno.

Anyways, my question is why is there a per

ceived idea that organic food is tastier whereas in coffee it is not?

Is it because there is so many things that affect quality of cup that the organic process is essentially negligible?



One thought on “Organic

  1. Here’s my two cents – organic produce is tastier for real – partially because many more varieties are grown organically that can’t be shipped far as they’re too fragile and short lived. From my garden the heirloom tomatoes are to die for, and the varieties of carrots and strawberries at the farmers markets are so far removed from the crap at the store that it’s not even the same thing.

    I think if you’re comparing the same crappy long-traveling supermarket varieties head to head, you may not notice much taste difference, but heirloom veggies to overgrown, woody, tasteless out of season ones – uhhh yeah you would.

    Not sure about coffee, I can’t taste the shade either 🙂

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