Vancouver Coffee

Vancouver is a coffee city. We drink coffee in Calgary. There is coffee culture in Sydney and Melbourne. But this past week in Vancouver was the first time I had a REAL coffee and experienced a REAL coffee community.

The Australian coffee experience to me was impersonal and in general displeasing. The coffee scene in Calgary is young, budding and therefore sparse. To me, the Vancouver scene was surprising and satisfying. I met a lot of cool people last week who were all in the coffee business. They were all buddies and even though they worked for different companies, they got along just fine. Now I think that what makes Vancouver’s scene work is the fact there are actual places to crawl to. I went to Crema, 49th, Elysian, JJ and new Wicked. There are a few more places that I could have gone to but these places were interesting and substantial enough.



Each cafe has a different vibe. Wicked is small and personal. 49th is chic and modern. Crema is chillin’ and had amazing atmosphere. Elysian was homey.

Each cafe has different combo of coffee to offer. Wicked … Intelli. 49th … 49th on Mirage, siphon, press. Crema had JJ, Ritual, Stumps, and more depending on the week. Elysian had special roast from 49th and SPARKLING WATER!!

49th Parallel on 4th and Arbutus

There is such a rich variety of coffee choices and different people trying to represent different aspects of coffee that they personally believe in. I can only hope that Calgary gets to this point, and even bombs past this.

JJ Bean - Powell St.


5 thoughts on “Vancouver Coffee

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  3. I really struggle finding quality coffee shops in YVR and hate to use the word over rated but….if you want a taste of passionate independent coffee roasters and cool coffee shops, nothing tops Victoria. The likes of Discovery, habit, 2% jazz, Fantastico, says it all. Worth mentioning that YVR’s Bows and arrows roasters has relocated to the epicenter of coffee culture Victoria

  4. Kirk: I would have to disagree with your comment “nothing tops Victoria”. That is a big statement and should be treated as opinion rather than fact. I’m sure that Victoria is good but so is Vancouver. This post was from a few years ago and things have changed. As of today, Vancouver definitely has quality shops. Maybe you need to look harder.

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