Canadian National Barista Championships: #2

Preparation is TEDIOUS!

Last week I spent a fair amount of time sorting out my competition coffee after the roast. Looking for quakers (bad beans that add bitterness) and picking them out. Also looking for general bad beans that I think will ruin my coffee for whatever reason. I may have gotten a little crazy because a few hours into sorting, I was chucking out “bad” beans simply because I didn’t like the way it looked. Anyways, about 5 hours later, I had 5 pounds of competition coffee sorted out and bagged, ready for nationals. Woohoo!

Then I sorted out the rest of the roast for practice sessions. That was probably another 2 hours of sorting. If I had to sort for a living…I may just jump off a cliff or something like that because I was SO drained.

I'm not quite as happy as these people while sorting

I'm not quite as happy as these people while sorting

Man is it a long, arduous process. In-house competition was mid-August, regionals was mid-September, and now nationals are mid-October. This makes 3 months worth of preparation or thinking about preparation. It is draining. One of the things I’m thinking about during these prep times is what to change, what to keep the same and what to tweak ever so slightly. For noobs like me, I find that these past three months has been a STEEP learning curve and it’s pretty cool. Huge progression. Huge knowledge gaining. Hugeness. Each comp is like a new one I’m preparing for and not really a continuation from the comp previous.

Anyways, can’t wait to get to Vancouver. Can’t wait until its all over and we’re all partying.


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