I’m not going to say citrus…

Almond cherry. That’s the notes of our Brazil Fazenda do Sertão and Costa Rica Finca la Margarita espresso blend.

Some longer quibbs about the PRBC 2009 and competition as a whole. Here’s the money statement:

Must go in with a learning attitude

This statement applies to both 1st time competitors as well as 100th time competitors (a la Sammy). From the beginning, the bosses took me under their wing to shed words of wisdom. Drawing upon past successes and failures to shape my routine and practicing for the competition. I think that this was highly beneficial and sky rocketted me to a level where I could never have reached if I had trained alone.

Always learn. Learn from your own competitions and dry runs. Watch video. Now the trend seems to be ustream videos of the regional competitions. Watch other baristas and take the good and leave the bad for your own routine.

Learn because at the competitions, you gain respect for others in the industry. Almost all the baristas I came across at the Prairies were super nice and excited about coffee. They all have something different about them so jack those different skills and use it for your own.

Alright, let’s get a little personal. I just wanted to thank everyone at the shop for their support. Also the people at the event from other cafes/roasteries for their kind words and encouragement after my wet run. It means a lot to me and those are the things I will look back fondly of. Thanks the P&S for the support and coaching. Thanks Benny for training and practicing with me… letting me steal ideas and techniques and pretty much everything :). Thanks to those who helped during my dry runs, giving me supplies. Thanks for sending messages, twittering and all that jazz.  I’d have to say that for my run at the Prairies… it was way way more of a team effort. Ben did a lot, a lot of things on his own. I, on the other hand, was less … everything and needed everyone to pitch in. I wish I woulda placed better to reflect how awesome my support was and the amazing amouts of effort that was poured in.

As for the outcome? Shoulda, woulda, coulda. There are most definitely things I would have done differently and I could analyze how close I was to getting to nationals but all in all I’m pretty satisfied with how things turned out. It is very much so a bittersweet ending.

Apple cherry!


4 thoughts on “I’m not going to say citrus…

  1. Awesome Mike! You were really so great too and as everyone was saying tonight, if you really look at the scores you can see how close it was and how amazing you did. Congrats again!

  2. We all think you did awesome Mike. Mad props for sticking with it, working hard and pulling off a routine that would have won the central region by a landslide. Peace.

  3. No one at the competition (myself included) could have or has had a better attitude toward competing than you, Mike. You challenge us all.

  4. Hey Guys,

    Much thanks for the mad props. This post was totally not meant to pimp out praise for me.

    I’ll stick to it what I said earlier. My showing was very much a by-product of everyone’s hard work.


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