Prairie Regional Barista Championships

I originally hoped to have a series of posts leading up to the comp to try and shed some light on what goes on during the preparation but I don’t think I’ll have time for that. Instead I will just rant.

I semi-swore that after the in-house competition I was through with barista competitions. After that first taste of barista comp I felt too detached from the coffee. In my opinion, it had almost nothing to do with the coffee service industry of a REAL cafe. But, here I am a few days away from representing the most awesome cafe in the Prairie Region (if not the country) ready to give it all I got.

Has a lot changed since I walked away from the in-house? No. The competition preparation focus has still deviated away from the nitty-gritty coffee aspect. Prep has been getting gear, laying out gear so it looks the most pimp, coordinating movements so YOU look most pimp, and pretty much pimping stuff out as much as you can without having the BIG BIG budgets of those BIG BIG companies.

I’m still not sure if competing will be a future direction for me. However through preparation for this competition I feel that I have gained a lot more respect for the whole event. It was be really awesome if I could represent our shop at nationals. That would be great for me and great for the cafe, I think. Either way, I could definitely see myself being involved in future competitions further down into the future.

I’ll be tweeting lots lots lots, so if you’re not watching ustream, or even if you are you can keep up with my tweetering.

September 12, 2009

Live Stream:

Check it out! 😉


3 thoughts on “Prairie Regional Barista Championships

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