The suburbs deserve good coffee too!!

… and I couldn’t agree more.

Punch 2525 Bridlecrest Way S.E. into the GPS and you’ll probably think….SAY WHA?!?! It really IS that suburb of a suburb and it makes total sense to have a coffee shop out there. It’s over a 30 min. drive to get to the core of the city where the good cafes are.

photo 4

When I went, Caffe Crema was not technically open, but being huge coffee keeners (well both me and them) they warmly invited us in to the shop for a couple of espressos. The place is uber family friendly and would be a great afternoon activity with the kids. Great set up with a Slayer machine paired with a Mazzer Kony. Slayer was all the hype at this year’s coffee expo so upon hearing that these guys had a Slayer I knew I had to check it out.

photo 3

Espresso: The last of Fratello Competition Blend

Machine: Slayer

Grinder: Kony

Tasting notes: Clean, Body galore, citrus yet with an undertone of chocolate

photo 2

This was my first shot on the Slayer, which is known for its ‘pressure profiling’ (a newer focus of the coffee industry). Although it wasn’t as orgasmic as some online videos may lead on, the coffee was presented in a way that I’d never experienced before. I guess I don’t quite know what to make of it. All in all, this place is great if you wanna go for an UBER long drive. Friendly, passionate owners/baristi. Chillin’ environment and pretty great coffee.

Three cheers for Calgary!!



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