New Digs

Big Windows

New coffee shop popped up in Calgary. It is run by what seems to me like coffee enthusiasts eager to share their passion with the rest of the city. They are located right in downtown in a historic building across from city hall at the end of Stephen Avenue.


Walked in and although it was kinda empty it was a non-threatening environment and we were warmly greeted. There were huge tv screens that were somewhat cool yet annoying because you’d have to wait 10 seconds to see the menu (in what seemed like 10-pt Times New Roman font) and it would disappear 10 seconds later. So naturally it took me a while before I could digest the list of what they had to offer.


Mom and I ended up sharing a French Press of Brazil Daterra and a cappuccino (Beans are roasted by Fratello brothers). I thought the coffee was decent. FP was decently priced at under $2 and the cap was fair but a lot larger than I would have expected. They said the drinks were on them because it was their first day. The GB5 looked really nice and shiny and overall the atmosphere was enjoyable.
Shiny Machine

It’s good to see that coffee enthusiasts are popping up all over the city and hopefully we can continue to grow as a coffee hub. 🙂


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