Coffee Debate #1: Usefulness of the Americano/Long Black [revisited]

Several months ago, Jeremy and I embarked on our first (and thus far only) debate on coffee. His argument was that flavours are lost in americanos and well mine was that it is still a decent drink.

I think that the conclusion was although the americano is not a ‘real’ drink it still deserves some props. It may be a gateway drink for people to eventually go for espresso but more often than not, people will just stick with the americano as their go-to-drink thus nullifying it as a bridge for people intimidated by espresso. So I guess the conclusion is not really conclusive at all and americano/long black drinks will forever teeter in between the role of bridge-to-espresso and the ever popular ‘why-bother’ drinks we baristas love.

Phil and Seb brought back a method of serving americanos that actually improve the taste of the drink. This idea was borrowed from the good friends at Square Mile.

After all this discussion, I’m proud to say that I have yet to drink an americano in over 6 months at Phil and Sebs. HAHA 🙂


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