Summer Espresso

The greatest advantage to roasting your own beans would have to be the fact that you have TOTAL control over the quality of beans you are using each week.  I assume this is the reason why Phil and Seb are getting into the biz. I mean, if you find that the sweet spot for an espresso blend is 8-10 days, then Phil and Seb can tailor the roasting so that it peaks right during the weekend sessions at the Farmer’s Market. Make sense?

Another awesome company uses their full control over roasting in another way. Square Mile decided that it’d be most kick-ass of them to have a seasonal espresso. We sampled some of the Winter Espresso and it held up nicely regardless of the harsh conditions of air travel. They are now featuring a Spring Espresso blend that is comprised of 80% Columbian Caturra and 20% Brasilian. I’m pretty sure that the Summer Espresso will be amazing.

yummy i'll bet

yummy i'll bet

Now this long-ass intro was just a build up to the words ‘Summer Espresso”. Today was the end of a hot… sweaty weekend in the market. During winter times I manage to sweat at work even if it is -30 outside. Throughout this weekend it felt grungy and gross ESPECIALLY after pulling shots and then moving over to the flood lights … or as I like to call them, the ‘Heat Lamps‘. Why am I complaining so much? Let’s just chalk it up to a little thing I like to call ‘swass‘ [note: it is not the definition related to Sir Mix-a-lot].

I’ve now learned that a key to being an awesome barista is resistance to heat stroke and heat-related death.

[sidenote] Sorry for the lack of posting, I’m without a computer at the moment and Jer is busying eating elephants and boxing gazelles :).


One thought on “Summer Espresso

  1. Mm, swass.
    Maybe I’ll pop by on Friday. See if it’s really that bad!
    Just finished the Heartman, one more round of Aricha left. Half-ish of the Amaro Gayo left.

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