Amsterdam Reserve

When you read the words, “Amsterdam Reserve”, what do you think about?  Is it a special stash of weed with unparalleled THC effects?  Is it a group of ‘escorts’ being saved up for you?  Is it an aged gouda?

Well, if you answered AGED GOUDA, then you are one who seriously has food on you mind, 24/7.


Amsterdam Reserve was a cheese  introduced to me a while back.  It is a cow’s milk gouda from Holland that is aged 2-3 years.  This results in a golden, orange, brown firm, hard cheese.  I picked some up from Janice Beaton Fine Cheeses here in Calgary, along with some buffalo mozzarella.  This was one of the first cheeses I had where I came to the realization that cheese could have so much complexity and depth of flavor.


Letting a tiny morsel of Amsterdam Reserve melt in my mouth, I was met with creamy flavors of nuts and butterscotch with a sweet caramel finish.  Everyone should have no Reserve-ations about trying this cheese and go out and buy some!


7 thoughts on “Amsterdam Reserve

  1. You know what you need to try J-ho? Smoked applewood cheddar and some good ol’ oka. I love cheese so much…I will have to check this one out!

  2. Great to find your blog, Mike and Jeremy!

    Ah, the Amerstand Reserve sounds great. I have some homemade nectarine, apricot, and ginger preserves that might go swimmingly with that gouda. Cheese-preserve swap?

  3. Karen – Most definitely… something fruity would go really well with this cheese, but nothing overly sweet I think, because this cheese has a lot of natural sweetness already. We totally have to do a cheese-preserve swap.

    Renee – I will have to give those a try! Maybe the next time you come to Calgary…aka. NEVER.

  4. Whoa that sounds good. Must expand my cheese adventures. (Can you tell I just found your blog and am reading the archives?)

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