Clover time! … not

This past weekend was a BIG weekend for me.  After weeks upon weeks of whiny insistence it was clover time. On the Wednesday before I had finally gotten the clover training that I’ve wanted for a long time. I learned about the machine itself, learned about origin and general coffee cultivation. Also learned the innerds of the Ditting grinder and got my stir down to something half decent. I had even taken some time to learn a little something about each coffee (as suggested by Mr. Sensei).


Elusive to me

Elusive to me

Panama Hartmann Estate: Had recently been deemed a bird sanctuary by the government of Panama. This shows how eco-friendly this farm is. It is a 3rd generation farm that keeps pumping out good coffees.

Blue Batak: The Dutch introduced coffee into the 18th century. The majority of Sumatran coffees are wet-processed due to the unfavourable conditions come drying season, however a rare selection are “wet-hulled” or naturally processed, such as the Blue Batak. The name comes in honor of a native group in Indonesia called the Tobas Batak.

Aricha: Aricha coffees are micro-lot selections from the famed Yirgacheffe region of Ethiopia, coffees birth country. Within a farm there are micro-climates that can yield amazing results in the plants in very small quantities. These are rare and often very prized coffees that are only available in a select amount. 


Now, it seems that I did a lot of homework in anticipation for my clover shift. I’ll run the official stats for you here:

Length of shift: 7.5 hrs

Time on clover: ~2 mins

Clovers made: 1

PS: I totally sold a guy a grinder. Burn.


3 thoughts on “Clover time! … not

  1. truth indeed. and 1 clover made is more than 0 clover made.
    I was hoping to work it longer and sneak some aricha for myself. 😦 too bad!

  2. Nice work overall Mr. Mike.

    You can make me a Clover next time I see you, if you like!

    Also, nice research. I think I learned something new today.


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