Asian People #1: “I can do that”

I was going to title this post “Stereotypical Asian People” but that doesn’t really make sense. That is because the “stereotypical Asian person” is actually every Asian person in the world, the “Asian-ness” just varies somewhat. This will be the beginning of what I think will be a popular series. Let’s begin!

“I can do that!”

We just got back from a Japanese noodle house and I thought it was pretty good. I got the Nabe yaki udon to compare with the Nabeyaki udon at one of my favourite Japanese restaurants in the city. The udon was good. I loved the presentation of the dish. There was a rugged elegance in the bowl that was used and the noodles and toppings were stacked nicely that was reminescent of a Japanese anime. The noodles were decent but I definitely give props to the homemadeness of them. The broth was yummy as was the ingredients (consisting of asian mushroom, chicken, raw egg, clams, seasticks =], bamboo shoot and tempura shrimp). All in all, nice job. 

Now as we all know menus are made up of dishes and dishes are made up of ingredients. But the way the Asian person interprets that is: “oh, it’s just noodles, chicken and egg, I can do that”. OK, to be even more accurate the Asian person says “I can do that and save a lot of money by not going out to eat it”. Or “hmmm, I bet if I buy udon noodles at the store it will be even better than this”. There are pretty decent attempts are recreating dishes that have been enjoyed in a restaurant setting but until now, nothing has been exactly replicated. 

The annoying part here is that this attitude can get in the way of enjoying a nice meal. The thought that the chefs are not really doing anything special or unique, but rather something that can be replicated easily.  That is most definitely a kick in the nutsack. Also the sheer arrogance of the Asian to say that they can recreate something because they think it is so simple. GAH that angers me. Give a little credit to the chef. Get off your high horse and enjoy the experience.

Anyways, all that venting is in fact directed at myself to a certain degree. The Asian-ness in me can definitely get in the way of having a totally enjoyable experience. Maybe not so much in regards to “Asian People #1” but as I tackle issues such as; Asian people judging a restaurant experience on how full they are, or ordering items off the menu that would be the BEST value, or ordering ONLY items of BEST value, or really mislead views on tipping, to plain ol’ manners, I hope to enlighten you all on how ANNOYING Asian  people … er… wait… the Asian-ness can be sometimes.


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