Not the most important meal of the day

As we all know breakfast, that arrogant bastard is the most important meal of the day. Moms and teachers everywhere have been pounding it into our puny little heads since we were short stacks diddling around with oversized backpacks. My mentality on brekky is to pound as much sugar and things that qualify for dessert to start off the day. Waffles, muffins, danishes… these are NOT breakfast items, but they were MY breakfast items. 

Anyways this is not about breakfast. It is about lunch, which is be default the least important meal of the day. Why do I say this? Simply because of the breakfast rant in the paragraph above and the fact that people love dinner and make the most fuss about it. 

I’ve always thought of lunch in an opportunistic sense. Often times, there are totally pimpin’ restaurants that have a special lunch menu that is more approachable than the huge price tags associated with the dinner menu. This is an awesome time to check out the digs and get a better idea of whether the place can back up it’s reputation. 

Alright, now that the long introduction is over I will tell about two places that I went to for lunch. These two places, R******* and Crazyweed Kitchen had very similarly priced lunch menus (in fact they had similar offerings in their choices). Sandwiches (paninis, flatbreads or whatever other ways of sandwiching there is), pizzas, soups, and salads pretty much dominated the menus. Pretty much none of the items on the lunch menus went over 20 dollars. I took a quick peek at their dinner menus and as expected saw the menu take on more lavish dishes that went along with some lavish price tags. So far my hypothesis of lunch playing olive branch between me and pricey restaurant was on the money. 

I really don’t like to unleash my opinions on other people. But being a foodish blog, I feel an obligation to associate my opinions to a named establishment (in a previous post I gave a review but did not link it to a restaurant). To be as objective as possible I will say that R******* was alright. Personally I didn’t think their philosophy on food was agreeing with mine. This does not mean that someone else going for lunch and ordering the same thing as myself will have the same reaction. But for me it was not my cup of tea. 

Crazyweed Kitchen was something else. I find that they did the simple things right. There was some creativity in the flavours and things were what you expected to be. There was attention to detail. The salads were simple but you could see passion and attention to detail to it. Simple in the sense that a salad is just raw vegetables. But the greens were crisp and fresh and the sauce was not overpowering but just complemented the greenery nicely. The soup and pizza had a certain extra pop of flavour. The grilled chicken sandwich had the most amazingly caramelized onions in it. 

Even though lunch is not the most important meal of the day, it is something that could benefit you quite nicely. I would most definitely go to Crazyweed for a dinner but would maybe think twice about going to R*******. Sorry for not giving official ratings of the places, that’s just not me.  You’re lucky to even get a name and an opinion attached to it. This time I couldn’t see a way around it and in the future I will try my best to avoid it all together. 


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