What the Pocky?


Just mere moments ago, I polished off a small bag of Chocolate Crush Pocky. Many of you are very familiar with this little snack, especially if you are either 1) Asian, or 2) an Egg. For those that aren’t, Pocky are these cookie/pretzel stick snacks that usually have a dipped coating on them. They come in bundles wrapped in small individual plastic bags, inserted into a cardboard container with perforation that allowed the top to open like a mouth. When I was a kid, my favorite flavor was Strawberry – tasting the creamy strawberry milkshake-like coating still takes me back to my pre-pubescent days (3 years ago).



Well, Pocky has definitely diversified its product line, with many, many flavors now available. Some flavors still appealing to small children while others have been marketed towards a more ‘mature’ palate. One of these was the Chocolate Crush Pocky, which I consumed tonight. This Pocky consisted of a light chocolate pretzel stick dipped in a creamy, dark chocolate coating, and rolled in chunks of ‘oreo’ like cookie crumble. If you’ve ever had Cookie’s & Cream ice cream with chocolate instead of vanilla as the base, you’ll know exactly what it tasted like. The coating was creamy, the cookies were crunchy, and the pretzel was… pleasing? But actually, the 4 pieces vanished quickly as they fulfilled my criteria for a late snack. There’s something about Pocky that makes it so addicting – is it the fact that you can just dangle one inbetween your pointer and thumb and just keep on working along the crisp stick? You can buy Pocky at all asian supermarkets / grocery stores.


3 thoughts on “What the Pocky?

  1. WOW, you’ve branched to Pocky! Talk about your diverse taste!
    HAHA. My sister and I were commenting that we’ve never tried the GIANT pocky. One time I will….but it’s $15 a pack (albeit a big pack, but still).

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