Why I love McD’s

As I sit here, sipping my mediocre coffee that I horribly regret buying, I can’t help but feel shocked by Jer’s post about McD’s.  I love McD’s.  I love McD’s on so many levels.

*In junior high english, I was taught to begin my essay with my strongest point (and sorry for all the readers but I still function at a junior high level english). *

1) Coffee and Muffin Combo (my strongest point)

Right now in Calgary, and I hope for all your benefit, the rest of Canada there is a coffee muffin combo on the super value menu. You get both for $1.39. That’s ridiculously good! 

The coffee at McD’s has improved superbly over the last couple of years. I’m not talking about the McCafe’s that we see poppin’ up in different parts of the world, but I’m talking about the ol’ fashioned, North American drip coffee. [100% arabica beans now] I’ve got to say hands down that coffee at McD’s is the only time I don’t feel like a retard for spending money at coffee at a huge chain. 

Tim Horton’s – diluted, bitter AND sour, unsatisfying

Second Cup – See above but also add, expensive

Charbucks – taken strictly from the name, is charred

Good stuff! :)

Now coffee at McD’s, is not that bad for the price tage of $1.37. It isn’t that dilute, comes with free refills, not that bitter. Wait mike?!?! I thought you said it was a $1.39 coffee and muffin combo!

Yes. It is. The best part of my visit to Maccas is that on the receipt, it goes like this:

Coffee $1.37

Muffin $0.02

Total $1.39

I’m not and owner of an MBA but I know that this is a bargain. 

I said I’d start off with my strongest point. Well, this point is so strong that it doesn’t need any back up. (kinda like Chuck Norris)

Super value menu is awesome. You only get that ridiculousness here in North America so I suggest you take full advantage of it.


4 thoughts on “Why I love McD’s

  1. Ahh! Yay! You can finally see who wrote what! I mean it was a fun challenge trying to guess who wrote each post but it’s nice that I no longer have to expend the effort to figure it out anymore. Thanks for that.

    I totally got sold on the coffee muffin thing with Godwin. The ‘woman’ in the drive through upsold us on the 2 cent muffin and when we went to the window she said “I am good sales person right? Do you own business? Do you know anyone who is hiring? Get me out of here!” Funny she asked the right car.. Oh and turned out it was a sheman because she was actually a man whose name was Joseph.

  2. Clearly I need to start reading your blog more often boys and right the error of your ways.

    McD’s Mike?! SRSLY!


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