Today I ate McDicks.

It’s probably one of the worst choices I’ve made in the last 22 years of my life. Previously, I had not set foot inside a McDonald’s for probably 4 years, where a night of consuming lead to a night of puking. The reason for this madness was that I was getting a ride from a friend and was thus at the mercy of his discretion. They wanted to eat McDicks because it was ‘Customer Appreciation Day’. Essentially, you need to buy one of a Big Mac, 1/4 lber w/ Fromage, or a McChicken, and you get a second burger for 1 cent. This sounded so looney that I just had to participate. I bought a quarter pounder + mcchicken + a mcflurry. Why I did this, I have no idea.I did not enjoy a single bite and 10 minutes later I had a slight headache. Furthermore, when I came home, I sat on the couch and I fell asleep. It’s like my body wouldn’t allow me to expend any energy so that it could devote all its resources to digesting the abomination in my stomach. Someone please sympathize with me.


4 thoughts on “McDicks

  1. I sympathize with you.
    Im in Regina visiting my grandma and she made me eat non-stop for 1.5 hrs until I passed out upstairs for 1.5 hrs to sleep away my food. I could not stay awake for the life of me!

    Anyways, two McDs sandwiches is way too much for the stomach but really.. what were you thinking?! Did you feel your arteries clog? McFlurries are good though.. what kind did ya get? Caramilk is a gooder =)

  2. I got oreo – I always get oreo whatever. I know, actually 1 Mcaca sammich is too much but in light of customer appreciation day, I just had to partake. After the first bite I knew I was in trouble and then the chinese in me told me I had to keep on eating. I felt my body devoting all its energy towards my stomach.

  3. You ate:
    1400 calories
    68 grams of fat (most of which are saturated fats)

    Daily recommended calories is about 2500, if you’re active. So in one of your 3-4 meals/day you ate:

    56% of your recommended calories (with very little nutrients) 83% of your recommended fat which were mainly saturated fats.

  4. Haha thanks for calculating those numbers, Allan! I suppose I should be frightened by them but on the contrary – I am very proud. It’s called efficiency, baby! 56% of my recommended cal’s +83% of my recommended fats in one meal? The japanese would be very proud.

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