Coffee Cupping #1

One of the goodies that Jer and I took home from our christmas party was a bag of Will and Grace Farms coffee from Ka’u, Hawaii. Neither of us has tried this yet but we will very soon. You can expect a detailed review of it from us two. 

Background Information
Hawaii is mostly known for its Kona coffee. It is exciting to know that Ka’u is a new emerging growing region on the southern end of the Big Island. Whats interesting about the Hawaiian coffees comes down to its terroir. The unique microclimate is due mainly to the volcanic ash that is predominant in the soil. 
Will and Grace Tabios operate a small farm of a type of typica coffee plant. The varietal of coffee they use produces a larger cherry than other parts of Hawaii and just reading the descriptions of the cherry themselves makes me wish that I had a giant bowl of coffee cherries right now. I’d probably eat them up so fast that I’d choke on the coffee beans and die. 
The coffee is what we call pulped-natural.This is a mixture between the dry-process and the wet-process methods where the cherry is pulped but the silverskin is left on the coffee to ferment. This results in a general sweetness not found in wet-processed coffee and mainting the acidity while drawing on the body of the dry-process. 
Check out the size of the beans:


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