The Bison

Recently I was in Banff for a relative’s wedding, and with one of the mornings free, our family decided to try a restaurant that I had been hearing alot of positive things about, The Bison.  Looking over the Bison’s menu, it seems like their focus is on great fresh, local ingredients being prepared in a creative yet approachable way.  This is reflected in their decor and restaurant layout, as the kitchen opens right up into a spacious room filled with lots of wood trim and autumn colors.  Strategically placed windows soaking the restaurant with natural sunlight provided a bright setting for a Saturday brunch.

As I mentioned, The Bison’s focus isn’t on wildly inventive dishes, but rather plates that appeal with the ingredients and solid flavor combinations.  The one dish that caught my eye was the Duck Confit & Goat Cheese Eggs Benedict.  I love Eggs Benedict already, (who doesn’t?  there’s not many people that don’t.  in fact, I will personally challenge anybody who doesn’t
 like eggs benedict to a physical and verbal fist fight), but reading the words “Duck Confit” sealed the deal.  The duck was savoury-salty and rich, which complimented the velvety poached egg and the smooth hollandaise.  Oh, and did I mention that instead of a standard english muffin, Eggs Benedicts at the Bison sit atop a cheese and herb biscuit that is moist, buttery and tender?  Yes, this was definitely the best Benedict I have ever had.
Another cool thing about the Bison was that they had an entire appendix at the end of the menu that was devoted to all the local farms and their ingredients being used at the restaurant, in addition to specific information regarding each farm and their respective uniqueness.  Love that concept.  Also, continuing on with that weird ‘Hudson’s Bay Fur Trading’ feel I get in Banff, The Bison is opening (or may already have) a General Store, where they will sell house made charcuterie, preserves and other condiments!  I will definitely return to The Bison, for more Confit – Duck Confit Poutine anyone?  (Yes, this is on the menu).

6 thoughts on “The Bison

  1. Jer,

    I’ll definitely have to roll out to Banff and Canmore with you in the near future. Seems like there’s some quality eats to be had there. I love the simpler foods approach. I mean, food is really good and often times I see that stupid chefs are mucking that shat up with their dumbass inventions. Sometimes a great chef is one that merely showcases the natural flavours the best.

  2. Yeah for sure. Often the best food is the best ingredients prepared simply. But skilled chefs can still be creative, so I’m not totally discounting that. There’s some rediculous items on menus lately but I just don’t order them, haha. Let’s get some people together for a whole day at banff – eat at Bison for brunch then go to Crazyweed for DEENAH TIME.

  3. Lol i just read the post above and you’re like…”all of our 2 readers” haha then i saw a comment on this post. I knew first was me, and im like yay, its our reader commenting.

    BURN, turns out its just u and me posting and commenting. hahahaha!

  4. Frick…

    So I knew that it was me and you commenting, but I saw a 3rd comment and I was all excited that it was another person actually reading the blog…



  5. hey, 2nd person to break this streak. I’ve actually order the exact dish you had at Bison. 100% agree the best egg benedict I’ve ever had. General Store have some awesome sandwichs and soups as well. Mmmm I want it NOW. Have you tried the yummy-ness at the Korean bbq across the bison as well?

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