What’s the difference?

Do you ever get that craving for… soft….buttery….creamy cheese? Oh sometimes I just want to spread it on a thin cracker and eat it all up! Mmmmm! So I go over to the nearest grocery store and stand in the cheese section looking that moldy goodness. Brie?? Camembert?? (now this may be a newber question but….) What the hell is the difference???
So I looked it up and here goes. Now both are similar in almost everything. Both are French, both use raw cow’s milk, both use the same fungus innoculation …. so what’s the difference??
Turns out that the only difference is terroir. Yes, it’s that word again (re: French wines in another post). Brie cheese is made in an area southeast of Paris where the cows graze on stony river beds. Camembert is made in the west near the coast of Normandy where the cows graze on lush green pastures giving it a stronger taste and odour compared to Brie. 
Now my stupid question has been answered. Hip-hooray!

2 thoughts on “What’s the difference?

  1. Sweet – now I know the difference! I think I prefer the stronger taste of the Camembert… which do you enjoy?

  2. I’m not a fan of brie..i think it tastes like nothing.
    so maybe i’ll like camambert.

    would it go well with the Kilkenny that i’m drinking right now?

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