First steps at First Pour

Veneziano is probably the most well-known coffee roastery in Australia and First Pour is the flagship of the label.

To make a quick comparison, First Pour is like the 49th Parallel on 4th street in Vancouver and it represents the whole 49th Parallel brand and reputation. Another similarity is the powerful names behind the brand. 49th has the famous Piccolo brothers, Canadian barista champ (WBC 5th place finisher) Mike Yung and many more. Veneziano has big names such as Luca Costanza, Peter Wolff and David Makin (he’s kinda moved on now though) who is the Australian barista champ and WBC 2nd place finisher.

So to sum it up, for people who don’t know Veneziano, it is a pretty big deal. And for you who don’t know 49th, it is a pretty big deal. So needless to say, I’m pretty pumped. There will be lots to be learned, much to be cupped and just plain ol’ fun times to be had.

The place already looks pretty good and I can’t wait until we open for real.


3 thoughts on “First steps at First Pour

  1. Yo Grace,
    It will be in West End. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely let you know about the opening and stuff like that. 😛

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